If you have question to our software and you couldn't find answer here, please feel free to contact us. Messages are normally answered within 24 hours.

 - I have protected my form with Web Form SPAM Protection, but i still receive SPAM e-mails. Why?

 - In most cases, the problem originates from your form having been scanned before being protected by this program. You should, first of all, edit the names of input fields (e.g. <input type='text' name='new_name'>). And than you can encrypt it.

 - I use JavaScript to manage my form. After i have encrypted it, it doesn't work any more. What should i do?

 - If you use JavaScript, you should ensure the check box in the main window is enabled. (for more details please see our screen shots).

 - I use FronPage extensions in my form. Can i protect it with Web Form SPAM Protection?

 - The current version of Web Form SPAM Protection does not support FrontPage extensions. It will encrypt them and they will look the same but you won't be able to send them.

 - When I purchase license for program will it remove the protected by Web Form SPAM Protection link?

 - Yes, this link is only in trial version. With purchase of license it will remove all restrictions.